Monday, November 23, 2009

Kudos to Ottawa Cat Duos. You are too cute!

(Left) Another of my charming duos .... Leftie (black) and his brother Frankie (black & white), below, are in for their late autumn holiday..... These schmoozie twosies are a lot of fun. Leftie had fun suntanning on the hay bails, while his brother Frankie had fun being entertained by BigBird1.

(Below) Leftie shows us that his little pink mouth IS bird sized .... Oh, not that he would ever put a bird in there.... Oh, NO! This kitty is very selective when it comes to his food.... It has gotta be Iams chicken in the tin or nothing!

(Below) The other half of the Gizmo (Friday) and Simba (orange tabby below) duo. As you can tell, Simba is every bit the ham as his brother is, with or without the camera to inspire. This is my big marshmallow boy. So many handsome kitties!

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