Wednesday, November 18, 2009

So many Ottawa Cat Cuties!

(Left) Portia (solid grey) is such a gentle, quiet cutie. I am looking forward to having a chat with her, hopefully this week. I will see how my new building goes..... but, she is definitely at the top of my list. We look forward to seeing her at Christmas too.

(Left) There are my handsome friends, Sweetie (Siberian) and Parker (white & orange).... both friendly, social schmoozes.... Parker will be visiting us again real soon. Sweetie will be back with his crazy little buddies this Christmas. The party is definitely going to be at the Pet B&B this year... just like the last 7 years... I still cannot believe that I will be starting my 9th year in December!

(Left) There she is... there she goes! Little Lillie (Bengal) gave the scratching post a quick scratch before gliding up it, with speed and grace... She does make it look easy! This gorgeous girl has a spine of rubber. You should see how far she arches her back backwards when she stretches or scratches a post. This is a very fit little Miss.

(Left) Bustie Bear.... aka.. Buster (orange & white tabby) has been coming in for many years. He arrived the same day that Chief went home... I have commented before how these two boys can always arrange to be at the Pet B&B at the same time... and, I am not talking long weekends or Christmas time.. I am talking obscure, random kinda dates... it is quite amusing. Now, when one books, I pull the file for the other...! (Just in case).

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