Friday, November 27, 2009

What is on Melvin's Mind

Q. I spoke with some friends last week. They had called me on a previous occasion to ask my opinion about their young one year old male orange tabby, Melvin. He had started sneezing and the dad was concerned, wondering if they should take him to the vet. I asked if anything had changed, was there loss, perceived loss or separation, that the cat would be experiencing. (Sneezing and colds are energetically associated with these emotions). Sure enough, the mom, was away on a trip, separate from the cat for the first time, and the woman was worrying and stressing over being away from the cat. I told him to tell her, to stop the worrying and missing the cat. Instead, she should send good thoughts, positive in nature and stop the worrying. Sure enough, the cat stopped sneezing.

This time, when I saw the dad, he said the cat had started sneezing again. The woman wasn't away this time but the sneezing had gotten so bad, that he actually 'turned blue'. They had to rush him to the hospital and get meds and xrays done. The sneezing stopped while on the meds, but as soon as they were finished, it started back again. The vets said he may have asthma and had definite damage done to his lungs, probably from an upper resperitory infection/cold, when he was younger.

A. I asked them to send me the cats picture so that I could connect with him. I had never met Melvin before but he was very willing to talk to me. I asked how he was feeling? Not alright, trouble breathing. Why? Dad says it's asthma. Are you in pain? More discomfort. I asked him if he knew why he was having trouble breathing? Heart valve opening funny. What's it doing? Not closing on time, not regulating proper flow. I'm pumping too much, not enough oxygen getting in the blood stream'. What would fix it? 'Blood thinners'. Why? 'Keep it greased up, oiled up, to help it close more/better'. What else would help you feel better? 'Not being cooped up inside all the time, go outside sometimes, getting fresh air'. How is the air in your house? 'Seems fine so far.'

What is wrong with your lungs? 'It's the heart, not the lungs. The heart is the problem, not the lung function. Melvin's parents had mentioned that he sometimes has blood in his stool too. I asked him what was causing it? 'I'm not digesting well, my body is trying to digest but I'm not feeling well and it's stressing my organs. How long have you had the heart problem? 'From time I'm born'. Why is it getting worse now? 'I'm getting bigger, (they just moved into a bigger house), big house to run around in.' What emotionally is the cause of the heart trouble? 'Not letting go of past.' What happened in the past? 'Didn't want me. Who? 'my old dad, said I wasn't good enough to keep'. Are you ready to die? 'Not really.'

Would you like your mom & dad to get another young playful cat for you to play with (they had been considering it)? 'Not really. Why not? 'Not what I want, too busy, I need to rest now, not feeling well enough, right now.' What makes you happy Melvin? 'Night time, on bed together, whole family'. What makes you sad? 'Being discarded, thrown away like that, not wanted anymore. Do your new mom & dad want to keep you? 'Not sure yet. We'll see later on.' What worries you? 'My past, not right, not nice, mean to me, didn't want me.' What makes you laugh? 'The bathtub, walking in it, splashing/ playing in it.' What would you change about your life if you could? 'More life, a long life, no more pain.'

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