Friday, November 20, 2009

Portia. What is on her Mind.

Q. Portia has visited me for many years. Earlier this year she started having bad intestinal troubles with diarrhea. After many tests, trying different foods and a biopsy, the vets determined that she had IBD (Irritable Bowel Disease). This can be caused by a few things, one of which is stress. So, the challenge was to figure out what the stress is.

A. I asked Portia if she felt stressed sometimes. She answered that she was not at all. I asked her if she thought a food or environmental irritant was the cause for the problems, she did not think so. I asked what makes her happy. My bed, beside mom, being & lying in the sun, suntanning, watching bugs playing, lying & rolling around on the deck.

What makes you sad. Being all alone, outside alone, being old, getting old. Why. Not the same, slowing down, going down hill. It is not like before, when you have such energy to burn up. What is different. Now I get tired easily, I get bored, tired of sleeping all the time.

What makes you laugh. Moms hair in the morning, upside down, it is funny to see & look at. Other. Watching tv. Why. Crazy things people do, so silly and stupid sometimes. Other things. Being on my back, getting belly rubs.

What would you change about your life if you could. Be young again. Why. So many things I would try this time, climbing trees, catching birds and chasing butterflies, being in love, having kittens and being a mother to them.

What do you worry about. My health mostly, if it fails, what then, She will be all alone. Who. Mummy, my mummy. I do not want that. Are you sick Portia. I am not, not yet but I will someday be, and I will leave her. Why do you worry about your mom being all alone. Who will look after her then, if I am gone. She needs me here. What would make you stop worrying about your mom. If I could be well for a long time still. Would it make you happy to have another younger, friendly cat in the house with you and your mom now, so that she would not be alone, if you went. May. What kind of cat would you like. Tom Boy, orange cat, not old, kindergarten. Explain. One year old, boy or girl, but more a boy. What name would you like to give him. Ryan, Jake or Miguel.
Anything to tell me Portia. I am sad to leave. I love her a lot, so much (I could feel a huge sadness in me, from her, as we got to this part of the conversation). Anything to ask me. Tell her I love her a lot, all the time, even when she is away. I think of her, all the time. Anything else to tell your mom. I will be gone before long, you need to get along without me. Are you dying Portia. I am not, but I will some day. Are you sick. I am not, but I am getting old. Anything I can do for you Portia. I will be fine.

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