Thursday, January 21, 2010

Classic or Out of Character.....

(Left) This is 'classic' Shroie! He loves to be comfortable... big Shrodinger (black/white) is such a chatty boy.... He just went home this week. It's always fun to get his help when I work on my laptop.... He's sits above me, on the fridge, and makes sure that I take regular, short breaks.... so that I don't over tire my eyes.....Thanks ShroRoe!

(Left) Gingko's (black) mom may be amused to see that her little shy girl took up residence in Choufleur's carrier, when he arrived for his last visit. I thought that was odd, but understood, the following morning, when I came in to find the bedding, on this bunk bed, in a big tussled ball.... I thought perhaps a kitty had left me a hair ball in there.... I began to dissect the bedding, and found a wet, slobbery mess of a thing.... that turned out to be Chouie's cat nip toy.... now, with a few fresh holes drilled through the sides.... Looks like a few of the cats had a crack at it.... They were a pretty happy, mellow bunch, when I arrived that next morning.... I now owe Chouie a new catnip toy, for his next visit.... For some funny reason, his mom didn't want it back, once I showed her the salvaged remains!!

(Left) My little girl Tigger (dark tabby/white) just arrived this week. She takes a day or two, before she wants to talk to you.... but after that, she can be down right friendly.... although, a bit unpredictable... All good!

(Left) Jak! You're too handsome! Our boy Jak (dark tabby/white) just went home this week. He always has such fun with all of the other cats.... and, he's very good at entertaining himself too. He loves to jump around the group, at ceiling level, as much as he can.... He much prefers the high structures, to walking on the floor...Always good to see you Jak.

(Left) This adorable girl is Lilly (dark tabby). She's visited many times over the past year... She just arrived this week and can already be found sleeping in her favorite tractor seat.

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