Sunday, January 3, 2010

An extra Sunday post for your viewing pleasure!

(Left) Our adorable Carabelle (dark tabby) and her sister Leanna, spent the New Year with us. These girls are very friendly and playful. Looks like Carabelle likes my new carpet choice for the rainbow.

(Left) Gorgeous girl Paris (dark tabby), on the big blue pillow, is visiting with her sister Mocha. Here, she has Bow (orange/white tabby) to keep her company. Mocha loves this pillow, or more specifically, this spot... she doesn't much mind which colored pillow is in place. Little Bow is taking a little breather from his morning workout with all of his pals.

(Left) Burt (dark tabby) and his brother Churchill (black/white on tractor seat below), spent New Years with us too. In this picture, he's hanging out with our boy Wiley (white/dark tabby). Many readers will recognize Burt & Churchill from various visits this past summer/fall. Always great to see them again.

(Left) Frankie (black/white bails) and Churchill (black/white tractor seat), look quite alike. Churchill is the 'Mini Me' version of Frankie..... and, they both like the tractor and wagon. Nickle (orange/white tabby) was just climbing aboard too, when I snapped this pic. Everyone On!? Churchill's not a very big lad. He may need Nickle to work the floor clutch.....

(Left) I snapped Mally (dark tabby) doing a big 'clean-up' after a little morning snack.... No, not tetra fishies.... just a bit of yummy wet food... although, I think she'd prefer some of them there fishies.... Big cutie!
So many dark tabbies and black cats in right now... How's everybody's year going so far?!

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