Monday, January 11, 2010

Familiarity and Confidence, go hand in hand.

(Left) A couple of our gorgeous girls, enjoying a nice sunshiny morning. Cookie (muted tortoise shell, nearer) and Suzie Q (tortoise shell, far) love to sit in the windows. Many people aren't sure what a tortoise shell cat color looks like... these are the two variations. A regular one is predominantly black with orange mottling and a muted tortoise shell, is predominantly grey with orange mottling.

(Left) My adorable Portia (grey) jumped into one of the cab cars, parked right in front of the sunshine.... She was being goofy this morning, giving herself a little neck scratching, while I took her pictures... She had fun being back with all of her old friends.

(Left) Schrodinger (black/white) had a nice pre Holiday visit with us. He's come back to catch up with more of his buddies. He's staked out his favorite pillow again... He's a social big boy and looks like a large version of Odo.... same friendly, playful personality.

(Left) Whippet (white /dark tabby) is back for a second visit. She was very shy her first time, preferring to hide from view of any strangers. This time, a day after she arrived, I found her in one of the tree houses... in plain view... Way to go Whippet..! She's a cutie...

(Left) Menou Menou... (calico) I see you way up there. This little beauty is usually hanging out in one of the lower kitchen cabinets... I found her up here Saturday morning, the day after she arrived too... What's going on around here?! Where did all of my shy kitties go!

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