Monday, January 25, 2010

Is it Spring Time already!?! Da Boyz want to know!

(Left) Da Boyz arrived last week for their first visit to the Pet B&B. Demmi (blue), Dozie (green/yellow) and Houdini (grey) (Dini is far right, infront of the mirror...trying to meld with the mirror) are three male Budgies. They are having as much fun watching tand teasing the cats as the cats are enjoying plotting their visit to the birds' private room. Mostly, these boys could care less about the kitties. They have things of their own to do and clucking and chuckling to get on with.

(Left) Parker (white/orange) just arrived for another visit. He is one of my new 2009 friends... He is always interested to keep an eye on the goings on, in the group.... This is one of those kitties that usually turns his head sideways, as you approach him.... It's that whole Stop, Drop & Roll... thing... right into Belly Rub position!
Parker has it down to a 'T'!

(Left) Douglas (dark tabby/white) has arrived for a short visit. He's getting a bit older, and starting to slow down a bit, but he's still got the rumbling purr going, as usual. This is a schmoozie little boy. He loves his neck rubs..

(Left) There's my boy Eins(tein).... settled into his favorite parking spot... in front of the big sunny windows... He, and his brother Chief, will be keeping me company for a couple more weeks... while dad is 'working', in the sunny south..... Sure you are, Dad. Sure you are!!!

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