Friday, January 22, 2010

What's on Brandy's Mind...

Q. An acquaintance of mine asked me if I would speak to her dog, Brandy. I spoke to her two dogs, a couple of years ago, at a time when they weren't getting along together. This time, the woman was distraught when she approached me again and asked if I still talk to animals. I remembered her dog and asked if she was sick. She told me that if fact, Brandy had died, very suddenly. She explained that, on Christmas Eve of 09, her dog had thrown up, had some difficulty walking any distance, and had been very sticky with her that night. She called a vets office asking if she should bring her in straight away. They told her that if the symptoms persisted more than 48 hours, to bring her in. The next morning, Christmas day, she found her dog, curled up, on the bed. She was already gone. The lady needed to know what happened. The dog was only 6 years old, in good health. The lady was wracked with guilt about not haven brought Brandy to the vet, the night before.

A. Brandy was happy to talk to me. (Yes, it is possible, even if they've passed). When I asked her how she was receiving me, she saidthat she could see, hear and feel me. I asked her what happened? 'Thickening heart wall, heart wall collapsed.' She said it 'was running on'. I asked why she had difficulty walking Xmas Eve? 'exertion, didn't want to overdo it'. What caused the heart trouble in first place? 'clogging/build up in main organ & valves, blockages forming all the time.' Did you know that you would die that night? 'Not really, didn't feel well/ quite right that night. I was worried about my health that night.' Do you have any other health issues? 'Hair loss'. From what? 'Not absorbing vitamins real well.'

Are you gone yet? 'Not yet. Can't go yet. Can't let go just yet.' Why not? 'Can't leave mommy just yet. She's not ready for me to go yet.'
Anything to tell me Brandy? 'not really'. Ask me? 'not really'. Anything to tell your mom? 'I'll let go, when you say it's alright to leave. I'll wait til you tell me to go on. You were the best mom. I'll come again one day. You'll know it's me by my eyes and nose, but I'll be a different dog, different color & all.'
I asked her when the heart trouble started? 'I've had it all along, just got real bad in the last days.' Were you in a lot of pain when it collapsed? 'not at all, it happened real fast.' Anything I can do for you Brandy? 'not at all'.

I asked her if I could Reiki scan her energy (yes, distance. I don't need the actual physical being). She agreed. I picked up some heat on her eyes and more on her heart & lung area. (Heat, to me, is a build up of blocked energy, in the physical, that can or will manifest as sickness, in some form.) She also allowed me to Gestalt (jump into her energy field, again distance, no physical animal), so that she could show me exactly what it felt like, before she died. Her 4 limbs were numb, there was pressure/strain, on the heart and lungs. The whole time that I talked with her, she sent me huge heart chakra energy. This dog had a lot of love in her.

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