Friday, January 1, 2010

Pet B&B Kitties wish everyone a Happy New Year!

(Left) Here are some more of our New Year's Revellers! Nickle (orange/white tabby) has been in a few times in recent months. He hadn't planned to spend the New Year with us, but we were very happy to have him be a part of the fun. He's a handsome little lovebug.

(Left) Olivia (grey/white tabby) is such a crazy little girl. She has a way of acting shy sometimes, but then turns into a big schmooze, then, just as fast, wants to rough house with you. She loves to sleep in, or on top of the phone booths, or on the bridges... If she's on the bridges, watch out, as she likes to play in people's hair if they are close enough and/or tall enough. She'll keep you on your toes!

(Left) Chloe didn't spend Christmas with us, but joined us after, for the New Years. She sends a very warm Happy New Year, to her mom in Newfoundland. As you can see, Chloe isn't pining away, missing her home. This funny little girl has a huge personality. She loves nothing more than entertaining BigBird2. I'm sure that he will miss her when she leaves.

(Left) There's my girl Clara (black/white). The big tiger rug is a very popular spot this Holiday. She's usually up, having her siesta in one of the Kitty Cabs... But, change is good! She is an adorable big girl and visits us with her sister Alice.

(Left) Bella (dark tabby) is very easy to spot among all of the dark tabbies here right now. She has distinct markings, with a lot of black accents. She's also the only medium haired dark tabby currently visiting. This is definitely Dark Tabby Holiday. This gorgeous girl always does well at the Pet B&B, even though she can be rather independant with the other cats.

Here's wishing all of my 2 and 4 legged friends a healthy, happy, peaceful and successful 2010. I had a very interesting, insightful 2009. I'm excited to see what the New Year brings for us all!

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