Thursday, January 7, 2010

Entertainment is right beneath your feet!

(Left) Winnie (black/white) sat very contented, watching the other cats having snacks, on the kitchen counters below. She was quite sure that she was the only one occupying the space ship, this afternoon. Or, at least she thought she was.

(Left) Then, out popped this little black head, from the lower level. Little Jasper saw that I had the camera in hand, so he got up, to come and see me. This is typical Jasper for you... He can be quite a ham for the camera.

(Left) He gives me a nice still shot, before he turns up his boyish charms....

(Below) Even Winnie wanted a closer look at his antics..... He CAN be very entertaining, once he gets warmed up.

(Below) Oui! Est-ce que je peut vous aider!?! Can I help you?!? Winnie was going to ask for directions but decided against it.... As you were!

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