Friday, January 15, 2010

La LaLa LaLa.... Not a care in the world!

My gorgeous little Jade (white) is a quiet and independant little girl. (Left) This is one of her more standard poses.... sitting squarely on the Rainbow or Airplane, or curled up snoozin' in one of my Kitty Cabs....

(Below) What ever Olaf (from yesterday) has been eating, I think that Jade has been embibing too... She would turn into a nutty little white kitten, at different times of the day... She would often stop, if she saw me with the camera in hand, but this day, she continued on anyway....

(Left) Hmm, I never looked at the ceiling from this angle before...

You look kinda crooked right now Mel.... Are you feeling alright?

Nope. Still the same. Are you sure you're ok?

I'm so darn cute when I'm being cute!

Ok. I'm done now! I think it's all out of my system.... I'm good! Where were we again.. before that adorably adorable interruption of mine?!?

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