Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Ottawa Cat Kennel Stuff!

(Left) I knew that my new friend Jacko (black) would get braver, once the traffic thinned out a bit. I found him Saturday morning, perched on the carpeted wall ramps, at waist height... He would've happily stayed there, but I went over to see if he'd let me pet him yet... Well, he didn't that day, but each morning, I'm getting closer. He's very sweet.

(Left) Hi Mindy! This gorgeous big kitty is very shy too.... Mindy always finds her way under things... be it a pillow, a bed, a sheet.... she loves to hide away in a warm spot. I did catch her sitting, completely exposed, atop a big fluffy pillow, watching the group at play... That pillow was on the highest bunk bed... just in case!

(Left) Kenji (Siamese front) and Kedosh (Siamese back) met for the first time last week. These are two crazy kitties... they are big climbers and jumpers.... and social of course..... 'Hey. Haven't we met before?! You look real familiar....Aren't you my third cousin, twice removed, on my mother's side?!? Look! We have the same eyes!

(Left) Aside from the big furr coats on Monk (black) and Sweetie (Siberian), these two would not be mistaken for brothers.... Oh, but, there is that same incessant playfulness ..... I guess that would make some people wonder.... They are certainly of the same, play, play, play some more.... Isn't that what all kitties do when they are boarded!

(Left) Leanna (dark tabby) moved in for a much closer look at this beautiful little winged creature.... Where are you from brother? Cool colors! and, Why do you keep trying to bite my toes like that!?

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