Friday, January 8, 2010

One week down, 51 more to go!

(Left) Kuzia (dark tabby) just went home but we may see him again soon. This is one of his trademark poses... It's funny, he never does this, while facing out the window. He's always facing the group. It's not like he's watching the group. He loves to sleep like this. He's a funny big boy!

(Left) Oh Sweetness! You too cute! Little Big Sweetie (Siberian) Holidayed with us again this year. He is such a head-butt-er.... This is a schmoozie big kitty. He had a great time with his best buds...

(Left) Kenji (Siamese) and Monk (black) just came back in yesterday for another visit. As you can see, the Pet B&B is their 2nd home away from home! These brothers are social, playful and so friendly with everyone. They wasted no time in joining the fun!

(Left) Axel (grey tabby) just went home this week too. And, this is one of his trademark poses. He loves to sit with his front arms hanging straight down in front of him. He can sit like this for a long time althought I don't think I've ever seen him fall asleep like this.... this is his 'viewing' pose. He had so much fun with his pals too. "That's my little adorable Paris, on the big blue pillow below Axel.

(Left) And, last but not least, we had my little Ododo Bean.... or Odo (black/white), giving us one of his looks.... He loves being goofy for the camera... Here, he's head butting the train car.... He was very happy to see Kenji & Monk arrive.... and had a brief visit with Sweetie, before he went home.... These crazy kids always manage to plan their holidays together.....

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