Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Lots more company coming this week...

(Left) There's my little Princess (black/white) again. She did love the ferris wheel, in front of the big snowy windows. I was telling her dad this week, that she was a very happy girl over the holidays. I think she missed being with all of her friends. We will see her again shortly.

(Left) Dimitri (orange tabby) is a longtime Pet B&Ber.... He's such a sweet boy. For his age, of about 19 years old, he's very agile and a good jumper still. He's looking good and has put on some extra weight in the past 6 months. It really suits him. He'll be vacationing with me for another couple of weeks.

(Left) My new friend Jacko (black) is rather shy so far but, with so many cats gone home on Monday, I think that he will start being more adventurous now. He's very calm and gentle. So far, he feels safest when he's either inside of the red phone booth or on top of it, like in the picture. I often find Gingko (another shy black kitty) up there with him. He's fine with the other cats but is likely to hide with people around. He is apparently shy at home too.

(Left) Jak (dark tabby/white) was right back into one of my hot air balloons, over the Holidays. He was lost in dream land while he floated up among the clouds. I woke him with the camera flash. 'Sorry big guy. You were looking so peaceful!' We will see him again real soon. He always has a great time with his buddies.

(Left) Handsome little Percy (dark tabby/white) has always loved the big bi-wing airplane. Since he was a tiny kitten, he would fly up the scratching posts to get in it. I will be taking it down in a week or so, for some much needed mechancial maintenance.... New tune-up, carpet, paint..... and she'll be good as new! All ready for your next trip Percy... The New & Improved Kitty's Hawk!

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