Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Meet more of my good buddies...

(Left) Jesse (tortoise shell) and her brother Waldo, will be going home in a few days.... We had a very nice visit. It took her a day or two, to settle into her favorite spaces, but then, there was no stopping her.... and, when the wet fishes come out, for dinner, she can be my down right best friend... She's a chatty little Miss... and a head butter...

(Left) Tigger (dark tabby/white) is still at the Pet B&B.... This is one of my feline 'Retreivers'.... You often spot her, walking around, meowing, with a big stuffed toy in her mouth.... For such an independant girl, she can be very playful... often, playing on her own...with toys..but, she does enjoy going after the feather wand too..

(Left) Most readers, have seen Frankie (black/white) and his brother Leftie (black) for many weeks.... because they have been visiting with us, for many weeks... They are scheduled to return home in a number of days... We had so much fun together. I'm sure that they'll be happy to see the family once again..

(Left) My little friend Flip (black/white) is getting older. He has been B&Bing for many years.... He's having a few more health issues this year, but he's still an adorable little boy...He still jumps up into the tree houses sometimes, but spends most of his time at ground level now.

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