Monday, January 4, 2010

We say Au Revoir to many of our furry friends today....see you again in 2010!

(Left) Another busy morning.... lots of kitties milling about... Ares (orange tabby) keeps an eye on Jasper (black front). Eclipse, or Clipper, as I call him (black rear), makes his way across the counters, while Winnie ( black/white) has a little snack atop the fridge. Business as usual, on a very busy Monday morning.

(Left) Across the room, we have Betsy (Cornish Rex) and Guinness (black) on the top of the airplane, watching the snow clearing guys outside. Little Princess (black/white) is far left, on the ferris wheel... one of her favorite spots... and little adorable Molly (black) relaxes on the lower level of the airplane. Nope! No bored kitties here!

(Left) Little Suzie Q (tortoise shell) sits by the snowy window hoping to spot one of those furry snow hares.... 'Wouldn't it be nice if one stopped by to say Hello!' She's an adorable and playful girl. She'll be with us for a while this visit.

(Left) More dark tabbies in Tabby Land.... Leanna (on boat) and her sister Carabelle (top tree) are very friendly this visit, even more than usual. That's our handsome Cisco in his favorite townhouse. All three of these kitties are gentle and a bit on the quiet side. They always do great at the Pet B&B.

(Left) My gorgeous girl Xena (black/white) was just getting settled into her favorite pillow, after a nice yummy breaky. Ever get the feeling that you're surrounded by kitties Xena? Ya, me too! It happens all the time!

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