Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Wow! Is that silence I hear?! What a difference a day makes!

(Left) Caruso (black) leaned in closer to get a good view of BigBird1. Gingko (black left) watched him, to see if he had any better luck than any of the other cats that she's seen over the years, in getting BigBird to come out and play. Later, when I held Caruso at the window, he wanted down, when BigBird came over to bite his toes. That's pretty normal. BigBird likes to remind all the kitties who the boss is! 'Who is it again BigBird!?!'

(Left) These are my handsome friends Gunther (dark tabby) and Eclipse (black) doing their own version of wrestlemania, during the Holidays. They got along very well and had many a work out together.

(Left) Zaria (white) enjoyed a nice relaxing snooze with her good buddy Olaf (dark tabby). These two have met on previous visits but I think it's the first time that I've found them bunking together. Both kitties are gentle and social. As you can see, Olaf likes his neck scratches...

(Left) Kedosh (Siamese) landed on the yellow & blue treehouse, during her morning adventures.... Little Tucker (Persian) below wondered if Santa Clause hadn't made a return visit to the B&B. With a little thud on his roof, he knew company had arrived. This is one of Tucker's favorite sleeping spots.

(Left) Our pretty girl Jade (white), has been doing her own thing this visit. She's found a few more favorite sleeping spots, one of them being inside of my school bus..... She climbs these carpeted wall ramps sometimes to get up to the top bunk beds, where it's very cozy and quiet, away from the younguns....

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