Thursday, January 28, 2010

Oooh, lala.... It's almost February!

(Left) Little Lily is just one of the many dark tabbies that I have visiting right now... The last couple of weeks were all about black cats... This is a gorgeous, calm and social girl. Seems she's made a new friend....

(Left) Katie (white) is making the rounds of the group... she can still be shy when strangers stop in, but is quite happy when I walk around the room carrying her. She's very gentle and sweet. Such a pretty little girl.

(Left) Many readers will recognize Sassy (chocolate point Siamese). Right back in her favorite castle, she gets a great panoramic view of the entire group area....and, out the big front windows. As Siamese go, she's not that chatty here. She is however, very affectionate.

(Left) Cleo (dark tabby) just arrived yesterday. She has been coming in for many years. This girl loves the great outdoors.... and is sporting a nice winter coat, to prove it. She has beautiful markings and is a true mommy's girl.

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