Wednesday, January 20, 2010

More Ottawa Cats and Birds on the way......

(Left) This gorgeous little white kitty is named Katie... She is a little bit shy but getting better each day. You never know where you will find her when you come in. She is very gentle and isn't the least bit bothered by all of the other cats... It is her first visit.

(Left) There's my boy Chief (dark tabby). He and his brother Eins(tein) are spending another winter holiday with me. These two boys are big time communicators... We always engage in a few fascinating conversations.... They are 2 of my kitty mentors... they always 'show me (more of) the ropes', with each visit... I'm looking forward to the next few weeks.... I have many questions for them!

(Left) This adorable little grey & white female tabby is named Carberry. She visited with her two house mates Silhouette (black below) and Midnight (black, lower). They just popped in for a short stay and had fun investigating the new surroundings...

(Left) Silhouette (black) is sister to Midnight (below). They were both social and curious. Carberry, above, was the shyer member of the family. She tended to hide, out of view, from the action, but was very happy for her neckscratches....just the same.

(Left) Midnight (black) is more slender than her sister Silhouette, above. These kitties are new to Ottawa. I look forward to seeing them again in the future.

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