Sunday, January 31, 2010

MamaSan looking for her Forever Home

MamaSan is a beautiful adult torbie with distinctive markings and lots of extra toes (she is a Hemingway Polydactyl). She suddenly appeared under the porch of a house in rural Quebec where she bore many litters until she was rescued from her precarious life. She did very well indoors with her new foster family so it is believed she was once someone's pet.
MamaSan begins to purr loudly when someone approaches her, happy cat that she is to have company and shelter. She is a very gentle and caring cat that would enjoy being with other cats; currently she grooms and nurtures the frightened and sick kittens taken in by her foster family. MamaSan is a polydactile with 7 toes on each front foot and six on the back feet! Her big feet makes this striking little feline even more distinctive.
She is vaccinated and spayed and is thriving in her foster home. This affectionate cat is ready for a forever home where she will continue to be appreciated and nurtured. MamaSan is up to date with routine shots and is house trained.If you wish to adopt MamaSan please contact the Cat Rescue Network at (613) 820-7088 or via email to

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