Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Happy December... from Ottawa's Cats

(Left) Monk (black) was quite curious to meet Monkey (grey & white) this past weekend. Monk & Monkey, that's kinda cute! Monk is a busy little boy that has way too much fun playing with all of his pals, and brother Kenji.... Monk likes to 'liberate' my 'sink stopper' .... especially the small one from the bar sink. Monkey on the other hand is very calm, quiet and can be shy with new people. He's not opposed to neck scratches though, if they are on offer.

(Left) My little Mimi (black/white) liked to sleep in the boot of the Kitty Cab, during sunfilled afternoons. Kuzia (dark tabby) is more of a 'full body' suntanner.... as you can see!

(Left) I can manage to get really cute full body pics of Parker, that is, (white/orange), until he sees me.... then... he must come to see me! This is a goofy little head butt-er boy... It's his second visit and he is already an old pro at the whole business....No shyness or sneaking about when strangers are around, not this time! He just went right on with his business.... business of being a schmooze, that is!

(Left) MoeMoe's mom & dad will be happy to see the Moe's eye has healed up quite nicely. It seems that he gave himself a really nasty scratch over and under his eye, sometime last week. I took this pic on Saturday morning.... He was able to open it fully again, by Sunday morning.... and he's right back to his loveable, crazy self....

(Left) What are sunny Sundays for ... but a relaxing 'lie in'. Kenji (Siamese) and his old friend Simba (fawn tabby), have met on many occasions.... The two started out like this, went on to watching BigBird1, and then Kenji tried to engage Simba in a little friendly wrestling.... Both adorable boys.

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