Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's Eve Party, anyone?

(Left) Frankie (black/white) and his brother Leftie, want to wish a very Happy New Year to their family. This little cutie is a little purr and drool machine.... I think it's due to his excessively charming personality.... it overflows this svelt little frame.

(Left) Little baby Nando (grey/white) thought that this big tiger rug, was his other brother..... the big, big, big brother.... 'Peanut is big, but he's got nothing on my buddy Stripes here!' As you can see, Nando is doing just swell!

(Left) So, people are wondering what their cats are doing on a New Years Eve afternoon....?!? Take a peek! The big fur bear on the top of the treehouse, is Sweetie (Siberian). The little white & dark tabby, crashed out, below, is Ty. These boys know that they'll need to catch a few extra winks before tonights festivities.... I told you that they're smart!

(Left) Here's Kedosh (siamese) and Ty (dark tabby/white) again, scaling BigBird2's house. Little Charlie (grey/white tabby) wants to do what the big kids do.... He has made many attemps at this and always succeeds! What an awesome little climber!

(Left) Here are a few of my longtime friends... Simba (orange/white tabby) on the stairs, Ares (orange tabby) on the floor and Jasper (black), are all faces that my regular viewers will recognize from various visits over the year. The three of them are social, playful and very fun..... Fun is the name of the game around here.... even more so, tonight!

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