Friday, December 19, 2008

Always play to your strengths first!

The same young lady that I referred to yesterday was practicing animal communication on her own cat. I gave her a few suggestions on how to improve her techniques. One of the biggest aides, I found, when I learned animal communication, was to start out listening to a few short guided meditations on CD that work with the heart chakra (heart energy center). I'm sure these can be found over the internet. If not, I would suggest buying an audio CD from one of the better know animal communicators such as Amelia Kinkade or Carol Gurney.

Start by sitting in a quiet space with no distractions and listen to a few of the short meditations. They will help to clear your mind, calm your head and put your concentration on your heart energy. Then, proceed to communicate with an animal, or picture of an animal, that you know, or don't know. One of my favorite things to do when I feel too scatter-brained, is to go to the animal section at Chapters and stand there communicating with an animal from one of the book covers. ( As mentioned yesterday, there is no time and space... so, that animal, even in picture form, is right there in front of me, hearing me). It's a great way to focus your thinking and help you forget the outside world for a while.

Also important to realize, is that a thought is sent and received by all of the senses at the same time, whether you realize it or not. All animals, like humans, have their own strengths insofar as which sense is their forte. So, I would suggest sending a thought to an animal, first as a picture, then as a feeling, a thought, a smell, a taste.... and see which sense seems to be their natural strength... Then, ask the animal to send you a response using each unique sense individually, to learn which is your natural strength. Once you get a feel for which sense comes most natural to you, work on developing that one first and tuning into it's frequency most. This will help you to develop it. You can work on your less stong senses after you build your confidence in one or two to start.

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