Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The cat knows! (Part 1)

The first cat that I practiced animal communication on, once I returned from learning it in NewYork, was a senior orange tabby. He'd been coming to me for a couple of years and was a gentle little guy. His mother brought him in before her ski trip and told me that he had been loosing a lot of weight lately and was disinterested in his food.

He ate fine for me the first couple of days, then stopped eating. I spoke with him. He said he had an iron deficiency. I told him I would get him a bunch of new foods that were full of liver and iron. By the time his mother returned, he was eating almost two small tins a day and had actually put weight on.

I know his mother was surprised enough just by the fact that he was still in life. She didn't know what to think about my having spoke with him, but she couldn't argue the fact that he looked ten times better going home than he did when he arrived.

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