Monday, December 22, 2008

And, while you were waiting at airports..... the little ones were...

It's not 'who got to the favorite pillows first', the important thing is that you share!!
On the yellow pillow, Xena and Linus hang out together... on the blue pillow above.. Oliver isn't quite ready to sleep yet.. unlike his pillow mates Cow & Rhubarb....

(Below) Casey loves the height.... you can usually find him climbing in the carpeted tree forest or sitting in the big picture window.. Regardless of where he is... He's always ready to play!

(Below) Linus pretends to be ET.... as he poses with the CatMasTree ornaments..... while keeping verrry still!! No blinking allowed! You rarely see him sit still... A definite social butterfly boy!

(Left) Little Jade stretches right out... she's got the top deck of the 'pirate boat' to herself for a change... she's going to take full advantage of that!

(Right) Brother and Sister Fauve & Sheba hang out in the 'Cool Cat' area with little miss Pingu... they've only known each other a couple of days but plan to stay in touch after the Holidays!

(Guess I need to get my markers out and add an 's' onto that bunk bed! afterall... 3 coolcats are not 1 cool cat!)

Later, our girl Sheba went exploring.... 'Knock Knock... Hellooo! Anyone in here? Oh, good. An emply bail of hay... I'll just give myself a little bath in private and curl up in this soft fleece til dinner time... Perfect!

Stay tuned for more crazy pictures... the fun is only just beginning.... they haven't even started celebrating Christmas and Hannukah yet!!

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