Thursday, December 11, 2008

Let me do it my way. Please! (Part 2)

The little old boy from yesterdays posting, went on to eat well for months after that visit. The woman kept him on high liver foods and he regained much of his weight and energy.

She called me month afterwards to say that he had stopped eating again and, if possible, could I reconnect with him, and see if there was something that we could do for him. I checked in with him. He was very tired this time. He told me that he stopped eating because he's ready to go now. He knew that his mother had made an appointment at the vet to be put to sleep the next day and wasn't happy about that. He wanted to go on his own... without assistance. He said, 'It's kind of her to want to help. But I don't want their help this time!' He was very clear on the fact that he didn't want her to be there or around when he went. He said 'it would be too sad for her, upset her too much'. I asked him, what if she wants to be there? He told me, 'Don't let her'!

He said his body was very tired and it was time to rest now. He asked that I tell his mother ' I'll be alright. I'm ready to go. I want to go. I've had a good life. Thank her for her kindness. I appreciated it alot. I love her alot. I'll be alright.' He wanted her to know that 'she's a wonderful girl. I'll miss her alot.'

Needless to say this was a very heavy conversation. The first of many that I've had with animals that were ready to leave this life. The one thing that remains constant during these conversations, is that none of them is afraid to go. They are sad for their people, but look forward to what awaits them, the rest, the peace, the weightlessness. They are all quite taken with the concept of floating/flying/weighlessness.

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