Thursday, December 4, 2008

Who says I never met the neighbours?

One of the new surveys that I posted today asked it you believe that animals can communicate inter-species. I hadn't even considered that possiblity until two years ago when I offered to speak to a friend's house cat. They had moved across town, from an apartment and into their first house.

This cat was one of the all time happiest cats that I had spoken with up to that date. He loved his life and his family very much. He told me that he didn't really have any feline friends in the neighbourhood but did mention two area dogs that he spoke with regularly.

He went on to give me descriptions of the dogs and told me that he had never met them or been introduced to them up close and personal ... they would communicate with each other through the windows of their respective houses or while the dogs were being walked down the road.

When I queried him on what they talk about? He replied, 'Mostly our people!'
I have asked many animals if they can communicate interspecies. The answers are mixed, about half and half.... some can, some can't.

It bears noting that the majority of the communication that transpires within the same species, is non-verbal (as in not vocal... barking or meowing). The majority of it takes place in the mind, with the volleying of thoughts and pictures back and forth, to get their point across. The same holds true with human/animal communication. They can understand when we speak to them audibly in a structured language, but it's not necessary.

The beauty of animal communication is that anyone can do it. We were all born with the ability but lost it from a young age. It's easy to get it back though. Just try practicing with your or someone else's animal. Send them a thought, a picture, an idea and see what you get back. You may need to practice a bit but you can have great fun with it.

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