Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Hi Mom & Dad. Hope you're having fun too!

(Left) Here goes little Winston again... such a tiny kitteny body... such a huge curiosity.. 'I'll just sneak up on them this way... they'll never suspect a thing.. those yummy little fishies!'

(Below) Linus and Winnie take a breather..... it's been a very busy morning don't ya know!

(Right) Lots of new and old faces in today. Gizmo catches up with Aries and Charlie while meeting Felix for the first time... it was a 'strictly male' bonding moment...

(Left)Lots to see and do on the other side of the room... Rusty climbs down the stairs while Slip, Xena and Winston look on... Moxie, Winnie and Linus are already down for the count! We wish Rusty much happiness in his new home, with his new family.... He left us today after many weeks at the B&B. He won't be alone at his new home. There is a playful pup there to keep him entertained after he leaves us.

(Right) Frigo practices his hand at side cat-dle... and looks very graceful doing that I might add!

(Right) Zaria loves to hone her climbing techniques each time she visits us.... her speed and accuracy are quite impressive already...

(Left) Little girl Ras has come up with a new way of getting into the 'airplane'... hmm, I always thought those roof top openings were emergency escapes... They teach me something new each and every day!

(Left) And, the beat goes on.... and the beat goes on...... wrestlmania anyone!? Winnie and Sweetie... Round 12!


  1. Hi guys where perchance is Percy Anderson/Merredew, we hav'nt seen him in four days. C&L in Toronto

  2. Hi guys, Our little Percy is usually right in there with the other kittens wrestling around the B&B... I have a very tired pic of him on Monday Dec 29ths posting... he was just getting ready to sleep....
    See you both soon..