Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Only good thoughts allowed, Please!

As we reach one of the biggest animal boarding periods of the year, it is worth mentioning to people, regardless of what kind of animal that you have, that there are ways to reduce the stress of a boarding experience.

The key to making a kennel stay as easy as possible on your pet is to 1. explain to them using mental thoughts and pictures what they can expect, 2. explain in no uncertain terms that this is not meant as a punishment for them, 3. The all important, that you're coming back for them, and finally, 4. It is key that you yourself aren't stressed out, worried about them or feeling guilty about boarding them... This is just as important for you to do before your trip as well as during your trip, while away.

Your animals can sense and feel your thoughts and emotions at all times, not just while you are in the same room... distance apart is irrelevant... trust me. They hear you!
So, if you are away and worried that they are sad, not eating or sick, you are not helping them!

If you want to tune in your animal while on holiday, it is crucial that you keep your thoughts and feelings upbeat and positive.... It is helpful to send them happiness and joy about seeing them again and good thoughts about them having fun while boarding.

If you are thinking your whole time away that your cat will be furious with you, give you the cold shoulder, stop eating and destroy the house once they are back home... guess what you're going to get?! It's as simple as that.... we create a lot of their troubles and our own, without even realizing it.

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