Tuesday, December 30, 2008

As the year winds down....

(Below) Askim sits atop Big Bird 1's house..... watching and waiting..... and waiting and watching... but Nope! He just refuses to come out and play with him! You're no fun Big Bird! Fine then. I'll find a four legged to play with instead!

(Left) Once again we have Leanna on the 'Purrcy' bunk bed and Mirette on the 'Bobcat' bunk bed.... she was a veritable Tiger when I first met her... just ask her mom & dad! She's all growed up now though... and has turned into a gorgeous little girl!

Whose afraid of black cats?! Not I! Good thing too... we've had an abundance of them in this Christmas.... In the yellow treehouse is Shadow. In the middle of the room, up high is Artiemes... there is a cat that would make you like black cats, if you don't already! On the floor, to the back of the picture, is Bello. The longer haired cat, in the front, is Frigo.... That's a lot of black hair.... sure glad it's all ceramic tile at the Pet B&B!
(Below) Our boy Roots gives the cat toy a good scratching.... nothing like a good scratch after a light lunch.... He and his brother Buster say Hi to mom down in the sunny south... and wish her a fabulous New Year!

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  1. My buddy Artiemis is staying with you now and I'm so glad he has such a wonderful place to stay!!!