Saturday, December 20, 2008

How could I have possibly made that up!?

Still on the topic of developing your animal communication skills, I think that many people are already practicing it but don't believe that the thoughts that they receive came from the animal.. a lot of people get stuck in the trap of thinking that they, their mind, made up the answer.

For this situation, I recommend that people ask questions that they don't believe that they already know the answers to... good ones would be 'What do you dream about?', 'What do you long for?', What would you change about your life if you could?' , 'What makes you laugh?', 'What scares you?' Then, just go with the first impression that you receive. It is quite alright to ask the animal to repeat what you think you received, to word the answer in another way that you can understand or to ask them to send the answer to you using another sense.

When I took the animal communication class three years ago, the seminar co-ordinator had lined up a parrot for the class to speak with. We would ask and write down each question and answer or impression that we received. At the end of the conversation, we would go through each question with the class and with the parrot's 'person' to try to get some feedback and/or validation. (Which is also key to developing confidence in your new/old skills).

When asked if the parrot had other friends in the house... I, like most other people in the class, got the impression of the 'charcoal cat' that lived with them. I also received the words 'pink flamingo'! This is a 8 year old parrot that lives in a New York highrise apartment block. Where could he possibly meet a pink flamingo?! I was brave enough to raise my hand to relay my answer to the class and the parrot's 'person'. The man let out a surprised, 'You got that!?!' He explained that his parrot had a tiny pink flamingo rubber toy that sat beside him, outside of his cage, all of the time. The man told us that his parrot talks to it all the time!

If I didn't take the chance to validate what I received from the parrot, I would probably still thing today that my mind made that up. It is the experience of most communicators that the stranger the answer is that you get back, the greater the chance that it didn't come from you. Trust what you get. Believe that this is possible. And, listen to what they have to say!


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