Thursday, December 18, 2008

Time and space - the illusion

A young lady asked me about how animal communication works... she asked if I just simply talk to any and every cat that comes into my kennel for boarding.

I explained that it is possible to do so, if I'm simply looking for small answers of no real consequence. If there is a real physical or emotional issue at hand though, much more attention is required on my part...

If you've ever tried to meditate you will have experienced the phenomenon of 'losing track of time'. You may be in meditation for, what seems to you, to be half an hour lets say. But, in actual fact, when you stop and look at the time, you realize that 1 1/2 hours have elaspsed. The same holds true with animal communication. Where ever that communication transpires, there doesn't appear to exist a sense of time. This, is a very interesting experience, but I find it to be quite frustrating. Time here, on the earth's plane, just flies by when I talk to animals. I spoke with a 'show cat' at a cat show last year. She explained that all our communications together were happening at a 'soul level'. I don't believe the soul to be bound by time and space.

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