Saturday, December 13, 2008

Oh, CatMasTree! Oh, CatMasTree...

First, my wood pile and the discouraging mess... or, as I refer to it.... 'Look at all the possibilities!'

People often ask us where we buy our cat playstructures... the short answer is 'We don't!'

I custom design and build all of the cat toys that you see here and throughout our website pictures and videos. Erin helps me with most of the painting and finishing. Then, the fun part... trying to find room to place them within our group areas. It seems that I have trouble building 'small'!
Getting to the assembly stage where it actually starts to look like I know what I'm doing!
More assembly... 'It could even pass for a CatMasTree!'
What tree is complete without a bit of 'bejewelling'... We'll leave that part to Erin..

Little orange Slip and Persian Tucker are the first cats to check out the new toys! 'Just like the tree at home', Slip says....' but, I'm allowed to climb this one!'

Stay tuned for the coming weeks... we'll have a ton of pictures posted to give you an idea of what 100 or so cats looks like... all free... all happy and relaxed... Really!!

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