Thursday, December 25, 2008

On Christmas Day.. On Christmas Day!

On behalf of Erin and myself we wish all of our customers, past, present and future a magical Christmas and enjoyable Holiday Season.

(Left)Little Tess poses in a picture for her Mother... She wishes them a wonderful holiday in the sunny south!

(Below) Maman pops her head out of the middle train car while Tucker snoozes in the front one... too much Christmas cheer last night I'd say!

(Below) Who else could it be?.... Little Winston chases Malakai's tail... Kahlua doesn't see what's going on behind her ...but Shadow watches on from the ledge..
(Below) Frigo, Kahlua and Salem hang out together in a 'tree house' built for 3! There is no shortage of black cats this week.... everywhere you look... another one!

(Left) Cute little Roots (top), Tammy (middle) and Monkey (bottom step), have the best view in the house... They can see everyone that comes and goes.... Meanwhile Bello has found his spot sleeping on top of the bathroom cabinet.... He's keeping an eye on the others keeping an eye...

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