Saturday, December 27, 2008

More friends stopping in...

(Right) Big girl Jade (white) watches Tiggy2 on the top of the phone booth. Helflin (orange) and Holly (black) aren't as curious right now.... curiosity hasn't got these cats... at least, not til they've had a short nap... then, business as usual!

(Below) Dixie, the tiny female kitten was shy when she first arrived.... I think she's been watching Winnie and Linus too much.... she's shaken off that shyness now!! Here, she climbs up to take a closer look at Linus, who had been sleeping until our little grey visitor climbed in!

(Left) Wagon ride anyone? ... We have our gorgeous Portia at the wheel and young Charlie girl as 'look-out' .... Holly hitches a ride on the bails of hay.... sure beats walking in this snow!

(Below) Who wouldn't be happy to awaken to find this little beauty under their CatMasTree?

Max is visiting this week with her 'brother' BooBoo the bunny...

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