Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I don't know. I just found it!

On the topic of cats and their unusual tastes in food... A young grey and white female cat mentioned rice crispy treats and dried banana slices... she explained that her mother eats the banana chips and she sneaks them from the table. She loved the crispy, crunchy sweetness of both these foods. She was not interested in fresh bananas though.

She listed erasers as one of her favorite toys to play with... the little round ones, that she gets out of the end of a pencil... which she also sneaks from the table..

She described her personality to me as being cute, charming, bright, curious, adventuresome, adorable, a good hunter, responsible, well mannered and smart.... with all of those shining characteristics, I guess she forgot to mention sneaky and resourceful.... Or, was that just a given!

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