Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sunday, the day of rest?

Hmm, lets see if we can spot all of the black and white cats! Isn't it Sunday? I thought it was Sunday!
Yes, morning time can be very busy for our little furries.... On the right (closest, black & white), we have little Sophie popping her head out of a bail of hay. She just arrived yesterday. Facing her is Charlie (dark tabbie with white main). I don't think she realized that Sophie was in there. On the floor to the left, at the front is Leanna, cute little dark tabby. Coming around the front of the tractor is Clara (black/white). On the chair in front of the bird house is Casey. Behind him, in front of the blue car is Pingu (black/white medium hair). In the window we have Tess and in the airplane above you'll spot Holly.

(Left) We have Hutch (black/white) in the right tree house and Darcy in the tree house on the left. They have both found themselves quiet spots during the morning 'rush hour'. They'll brave their way around after the craziness or once most of the others have parked their furry little pants on a soft pillow somewhere to sleep. For now, they are content to watch the goings-on below...

(Right) Just call it 'the girls' club'! On the floor we have Zaria (white) and The Misses (dark tabby). On the 'pirate boat' we have litte Jade in her favorite spot. This time accompanied by Joyia (on the right).

(Below) Manon (white with dark tabby patches) and Shrodinger (black/white) sit atop the space ship before 'take-off'.... Meanwhile, our big boy Axel (long haired dark tabby) is all comfortable inside. The space ship is one of the highest structures that I have built. It is suspended from the ceiling trusses... they get a great view of the outdoors from up here. Our little old girl Mozart sits in the blue and red castle behind/below the space ship.

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  1. Thanks for posting this photo! Its really great to see Schrödinger while we're away.

    Tell him we're looking forward to seeing him when we get back.