Saturday, December 6, 2008

Groovy man!

We've all heard the expression that we are a product of our environment. Well, the same holds true for the animals...

I spoke with a senior cat that I had known for a couple of years. She was taking thyroid medication but seemed a bit 'off', this paticular visit. She told me that her medication dosage was too low and needed to be doubled for her to feel better and more balanced. As it was, she felt very nauseaus. She asked that I tell 'mom & dad'.

We went on to have a long discussion. One thing that bears remembering when speaking with animals is that you never know what they're going to say... Even if you ask them what their favorite food is, you already assuming that it's tuna, may not believe it when you hear that it's marshmallows!! Never assume to know what they're thinking.

When I asked this little calico if she liked music...she said it was alright. Her preference was for Motown and R&B, particularly liked the Mamas & Papas. She liked R&B because 'of it's soulful rhythm, not heavy, loud or strong'. She liked Motown because 'it's groovy, it swings'.
She liked all relaxing noises such as ' baby breathing, babbling brook, lake or stream and gentle, soft wind in the leaves. That tells her that 'it's a nice warm day'.
She didn't care for tv saying that it was too negative.

Her parents were in their 50's. One worked as a University professor.

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