Friday, December 26, 2008

The morning after....

Little Tiggy2 was bright eyed and not so bushy tailed this morning... Here she hangs out with the resident stuffed dog... 'He's ok... much quieter than the pup we have at home!
(Below) Big handsome Leo relaxes in the carpeted tree forest .... he has found himself a new favorite spot... lying in the carpet lined tunnels...way, way up!
(Below) It has got to be nap time... Esmerelda passes out in her favorite spot on the top deck of the corner bunk beds... Little Sweetie, if you can believe it, holds another one of his yoga poses, while sleeping this time.... and I think Juliette, on the bottom bunk bed, finishes up her bath time before settling down like the others....

(Below) Peanut (grey tabby) and Zaria look out the window while Poune (dark tabby) in townhouse watches them.... Our girl Daisy (behind the shutter) turned in early.

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