Monday, December 29, 2008

Business as usual

(Left) It was about 11 am on Sunday morning when I took this picture of little kitten Percy... looking verrry tired.... He plays very hard with his crazy little kitten friends... He had passed out cold about 5 minutes after taking this shot... Hi to Mom & Dad!
(Left) Gizmo gives me a nice pose for the camera. His dad takes him and his big orange brother Simba home today.... They visit us regularly... always a pleasure to have them!

(Right) Hanging out in the bails again.. we have Sophie (black/white), with Holly (black) and Felix, the dark tabby. We have about 20 bails on the back of this wagon... each one outfitted with it's own soft bed and privacy curtain... If we walked all the way around the wagon, peeking into each bail, we'd find another 5 or 6 kitties nestled in there at any time. I just built this structure before Christmas. It's proving itself to be one of their favorite spaces.
(Right) At snack time, we have (in the front) Aries, the orange tabby.. On the back counters, from the left.... Slip (orange tabby), Little Kiwi (grey) and on the right we have Cow (black/white medium hair) .... Yes, I know... they're on the kitchen counters....! That's ok.... everything here is built for the kitties... no 'off-limits' areas.... That's why they call it a 'Holiday'!!

(Left) Big Bird 1 puts on a 'song & dance' for the cats... On the left bunkbed, we have Jade (white cat)... Yes, we have two jades in right now... but not a name that we see often.... On the top of the phone booth, Tiggs (orange tabby) hangs out, looking very casual like... and Casey (black/white) peers out from the top shelf... He's not often far from Big Bird!

(Below) Our schmooze Buster (grey tabby) hams it up for the picture from inside one of the 'treehouses' ... while Artemis (black) sits on the chair below and little old girl Simba stakes out her 'ladybug' rug....

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