Tuesday, December 29, 2009

BBBBRRRR.... Break out the hot chocolate!

(Left) Bella (calico) went home yesterday. We got to hang out often this year. She's a cutie and is happy to be home with the whole family for New Years. See you in 2010 Bella! Happy New Year!

(Left) Choufleur (orange/white), or Chouie, as I call him, discovered the hot air balloon. It has been one of his favorite places this trip. He has visited me many years. He, and little Bella above, are both big talkers... not to each other, just in general, they love to talk.

(Left) Esmeralda (black/white) and Molly (black) shared a treehouse yesterday morning. These girls are from separate homes, but got on real well. They are both playful and friendly.

(Left) Gizmo (grey/white tabby) and Jasper (black) appear to be much better friends than I had realized. I caught them yesterday morning, bunking together in the rocket. Our little Bow (orange/white) thought that would be a fun place to catch some z's to.... If his buddies above like it, it must be good!

(Left) Jak (dark tabby/white) was snoozin' this past weekend, til little Molly (black) made her way across the loft. Jak couldn't resist. He had to stop and have a look at this little charmer. This is the same Molly, from above. As you can see, she has made many new friends.

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