Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Snow outside, nothing but warmth inside.....

(Left) Bella (calico) has a pre-Christmas Holiday with all of her old friends. She wasn't too broken up about not being able to go outside in the snow. This chatty little girl always has something on her mind. She is very sweet.

(Left) More sweetness.... Our girl Tess (dark tabby) is such a charmer. She was very helpful during my Bridge constructions... She would walk across each one, after being secured, to make sure that it worked properly. She was even more helpful when I tried to paint them up. Thanks Tessie!

(Left) More dark tabbies. Little Sammy, in the airplane, is a bit shy, but when he's in the mood for cuddles, he'll come and get them. Don't you worry about that! Little Odo, is way in the background, up on the loft.

(Left) I've known these brothers for many years. It's a rare day that you see them snuggled up, sharing the same pillow. I had to do a double take... then, run for the camera. They were too cute. Simba (orange tabby) usually sleeps on one of our big pillows, so I'm guessing that Gizmo (grey/white tabby) joined him after he got the pillow all warmed up... Good thinkin' Gizzie Wizzie....

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