Thursday, December 10, 2009

Up, down & Around... Repeat as needed.

(Left) Antone (dark tabby) and Viking (fawn tabby) both went home this week. They would often be found bunking together in the phone booths. They are from separate families but got along well. They can be a little shy with strangers but are real sweet.

(Left) Wolfgang (grey/white) and his brother Sharpe (grey/white) look quite a like. Our boy Sharpe has the 2 grey patches over the eyes and Wolfgang only has the one grey eye patch. Once again, these boys ARE climbers! They are both athletic, friendly and schmoozie... Their sister Alberta, was happy to see them distracted by all of the toys at my B&B.

(Left) Watch out Ododo Bean (black/white)... Here comes trouble.... Or, at least Action! Little Tara always comes equipped with her built-in Energy Pack. Odo didn't know what was about to attack his tail.... He didn't mind...He can be just as playful.

(Left) Alberta (black) gave me a cute pose beside all of the hay bails. She loved to lie atop the highest bails, on the sunny afternoons. Her friends Gingko & Mystere, were often sleeping in one of the lower, back facing hay bails. Alberta was very helpful, this past week, supervising my 'School Bus' construction. Drills, saws.... she would just sit close by and watch, or sleep. She's an adorable little girl.

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