Thursday, December 24, 2009

On Christmas Eve. Not a mouse was stirring... Not here anyway!!

(Left) Jade (white) picked the kitty cab, in front of the window, to watch for the big red jolly man with the flying reindeer.... She is doing great and spends her time between the cabs & the airplane...

(Left) Caruso (black) was being goofy for me yesterday. He's been visiting regularly for a number of years. He always does great and, well, he can be a ham.... We'll just call him this year's Christmas Ham! He's very playful.

(Left) More playful kitties... Nando (grey/white tabby kitten) is visiting us for the first time. He is the new little brother to Peanut. He isn't shy like his big brother.... This little guy is adventurous and fearless. Gingko (black) had fun watching Nando meet BigBird1 for the first time.

(Left) Leftie (black) demonstrates some of his yoga moves for me. He was all stretched out, enjoying the top of the big blue bus that I just built. He's visiting with his brother, Frankie, for an extended stay this time. We will have much fun together. These boys are social butterflies!

(Left) Axel (grey/white long haired) and Percy (dark tabby/white) have been to the Pet B&B before. Axel first visited us last Christmas. Percy visits us throughout the year. Axel is a bit more independant. Percy makes friends with everyone, no questions asked.... All of the kitties are very excited for Christmas to come.... Santa is going to have to be very quiet if he doesn't want to wake any of these furries tonight....

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