Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Not there yet! One more dodo!

(Left) Moe (black & white) loves to spend his time in the airplane. Betsy (Cornish Rex) loves to spend her time everywhere.... Moe, who loves the camera, is actually sitting with one arm off of the side of the plane, and the other arm placed through the post opening, on the bottom of the plane... He likes to be different!

(Left) Axel (grey/white) cozied up to Sweetie (Siberian) on the same big pillow. Both boys met last Christmas Holiday for the first time. They are of the social & laid back variety. Share a pillow!? Sure, bring your friends!

(Left) BooBoo bunny went home yesterday with his sister Max, the calico cat. This big boy loves his carrots and isn't the least bit bothered by the cats that he encounters. He's a pretty confident bunny.

(Left) Yes, Gunther is facing the train car, but he's not looking at it.. I watched him follow Betsy (above) into the bottom of the car. He likes to follow her around sometimes to see what she's up to. He is also enjoying play time with his new friend Eclipse, who is visiting for the first time.

(Left) Kashmir (white) and his brother Petit Loup are in for another week. This handsome big boy had food allergies as a kitten. He stays in one of my individual rooms. His brother, who has no health issues, stays with him to keep him company. Too bad, cause they would have way more fun in the group areas.

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