Thursday, December 3, 2009

Perfect Perfection!

(Left) Sylvester (black & white) is an adorable Pet B&B newcomer. She is a curious little Georgette..... She helped me put the Christmas decorations up this week. The rest of the time, she would play with her toys and look out the big sunny windows. She's a lot of fun.

(Left) My gorgeous Gingko Maria (black) found the biggest, softest stack of fleece covers at the Pet B&B. I didn't have a chance to distribute them through the town houses, when she spotted them, and decided they would be just right! She's such a cutie. This is a shy, fast little girl who loves her neck and tummy rubs. I always have so much fun with her.

(Left) This picture of Viking (fawn tabby) really doesn't do his friendly nature justice. Mom & Dad were worried about him when they brought he and his sister Princess (below) in last week. Viking did spend his first day hanging out on top of the town houses but, he came running out of no where to greet me on Sunday morning and was real affectionate. The rest is history! He's very gentle and a tad shy with strangers sometimes.

(Left) How much for the perfect calico statue in the townhouse window?!? How soft, sleek and elegant. She almost looks completely real!

(Left) Er... What happened to your statue!?! Almost makes me think of Frosty the Snowman.... or Frosty the Snow Princess, in this case! Princess (white/calico) hasn't visited us in a while. It is great to see her again. She is still this tiny, delicate, fun little one.

(Left) 'Oh, come on Kenji.... they don't make these balloons to only fit one kitty..... What are you so worried about!?! It's not like the ceiling isn't going to stop us! Kenji (Siamese) thought he'd managed to find a little 'me time', when little brother Monk (black) tracked him down... again. Monk also loves the balloons.. as you probably guessed.

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