Monday, December 28, 2009

A few go home today. Just as many arrive. The party continues!

(Left) Princess (black/white) is very active and adventurous this visit. I've been finding her often, on top of BigBird2's house. She's also more social than she has been on other visits... Must be the spirit of the Holidays...

(Left) There's my little Tuckie Bear...I snapped Tucker (Persian)snoozing in a tree house, with his stuffed friend, to keep him company. This is a very social little boy. His fur is so fluffy, I'm constantly pulling fuzzy toys out of his tail, especially curled up pipe cleaners..... It's quite cute. He doesn't realize that he's got a little Swiffer goin' on back there..

(Left) Felix (dark tabby) is a handsome big boy. He is active, social and, as I discovered this past weekend, when friends stopped in with their kids, he's a schmooze with the little kids... It's always fun to have him visit.

(Left) Ares (orange tabby) and Winnie (black/white) are often found hanging out in the spaceship. Our handsome little Percy (dark tabby) is spotted in the back ground, relaxing on the top deck of the airplane. This must've been an afternoon shot.... most cats are lying down... Everyone had a wonderful festive Christmas together....

(Left) There's our gorgeous girl Mally (dark tabby). She finds a nice cozy, well positioned spot, when things are to busy 'out there'... She's on the independant side, but I did find her chasing & playing with Charlie (kitten) yesterday. That's the little grey kitten that I posted Saturday, the new brother to Winnie, above.

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