Sunday, December 27, 2009

Winter Kittens looking for their 'Forever Home'

They were found huddled in an open structure at the side of the road; their pregnant mother wrapped around them to ward off the blast of cold wind. The five little winter kittens were but a few of the many Cat Rescue Network has been asked to take in this December .

They were lucky. An emergency foster home agreed to take them, and their mother, and keep them in her bathroom until a foster home became available.

There are many more under porches, and garbage bins; cold, hungry and frightened. "Without suitable winter shelter, these wee kittens will certainly perish" says Louise Hindle, founder of the Cat Rescue Network. " Our foster homes are busting at the seams" she continued, "we have protected some of the kittens in makeshift winter boxes on porches but the calls keep coming, and our volunteers are exhausted".

Volunteers are so busy with calls about outdoor pregnant cats that few have completed their Christmas preparations. "There are many ways to celebrate the spirit of Christmas", says Hindle, "There is better feeling than to know that the cat you saw shivering in the cold is now safe, warm, well fed and will eventually be someones cherished pet."

The dilemma is that Cat Rescue Network foster homes still has some of the spring kittens, who grew up in foster homes because of the large numbers taken in, and fewer adoptions this year. Now, there is little space available for the winter kittens. Some cats are so desperate, they are running into houses.
Cat Rescue Network will be doing adoptions throughout the holiday season. There is an adoption fee and a strict screening process which curtails impulse adoptions at this time of year.

The network hopes that more people will consider sponsoring a kitten or cat as a Christmas gift for the ‘animal lover’ on their Christmas list. Every animal taken in receives appropriate veterinary care. Cat Rescue Network is entirely volunteer driven and the group could use a bit of help from Santa this time of year.

Contact: Louise Hindle, founder Cat Rescue Network, 613-820-7088.

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