Friday, December 4, 2009

What's is on Moe's mind?

Q. I have long been curious to talk to MoeMoe. He just went home yesterday. I was interested to know what happened to cause the scratch near his eye and the 2 'puncture marks', one above his eye and one on the top of his head. I know that he and his brother Gunther do get into 'scraps' at home sometimes but I wanted his point of view. Plus, he's just such a funny little character, I was interested to know more about his personality.

A. I started by asking him how he was receiving the communication from me? 'Remote viewing, knowing'. I asked how his eye was feeling? (He had finally been able to open it after two days into this visit, but there was a scratch below the eye, that looked like it kept opening. It would look like it was healing, then a bit later, it was opened again. I suspected that he was cleaning it and that is what was causing it to open up each time). 'Gravelly, like sand in it, something behind it. He said that he'd scratched it with his 'thumb' when fighting with his brother Gunther.

Do you like your brother? 'He's alright. What is he like? 'Funny, playful, wrestler, intimidator, can be rough, can be nice sometimes.' Tell me about your personality Moe. 'Sweet boy, nice, gentle, playful, likes to be outside in the summer, funny, loves to play with camera.' Does your brother like you? 'Not that much.' Why? 'Thinks I'm a show off, always out looking for attention, thinks I'm always trying to be better than him, won't leave me alone sometimes. He gets so jealous of my cuteness sometimes. He tries to hurt me, mark me, make me look bad.' What does he say to you? He's not very talkative. He just wants to pound me.' Does he call you names? 'Good for nothing nincompoop.' Is he just playing when you fight? 'Don't think so, he's too mad about it.' Why do you say that? 'He tries to hurt me, all the time, he's not playing, I don't think.'

What do you say to your brother? 'Go away. Leave me alone. Stop harassing me. I don't want to fight. What names do you call him? 'Bully Bullfrog'. Why? 'When he lands on me he crushes me like a big fat bullfrog, with all of his feet on me, and sits on me'. What does he say to you when you call him Bully Bullfrog? 'I'll show you a bully!' Do you like your brother Moe? 'He's alright, except for when he gets mean with me.

What makes you happy Moe? 'Night time, twilight. Why? 'the sky, it sparkles, lights up so pretty to see/watch'. What makes you laugh? 'I like to be the clown. Explain? 'I like to make faces and make people laugh. People love my funny faces'. What scares you? 'Gunther can be mean sometimes. Is it getting worse? 'He's always been like that. He won't change.' What would you change about your life if you could? 'Go outside some more, play outside some more.' How is your health? 'Not too bad.' Anything going on with it? 'My lower back acts up sometimes, gets stiff'. Why? 'I don't get enough stretching, good, long stretching at my house. Why not? 'I need more bigger scratching posts, higher ones, they don't like it when I use the couch to stretch.

Anything to tell me? 'You are a special person. Why? 'You are so fair with everyone. You keep us all safe. The others respect you and don't want you to be mad with them, ever.' Anything to ask me Moe? 'How are you able to hear me like this? That's really neat!' Anything to tell your dad? 'You are a good man. Keep up the good work.' Anything to tell your mom? 'You are very good with the baby.' Anything to tell the baby? 'You cry a lot sometimes. Can you try to keep it down at night when we are sleeping'.

What do you think of having your picture taken? 'I love that. I try to make you laugh. I am so goofy sometimes, I even make myself laugh!' Anything worrying you Moe? 'Not more than that.'

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